Entrepreneurial Wisdom: Everest Business Funding CEO Scott Crockett’s Tips for Building a Successful Business

Originally published on wikileaks.info.

There are a lot of skills that you need to build if you want to be successful in business. Scott Crockett, Everest Business Funding CEO, says some of these skills are related explicitly to industry insights while others are more generic skills that apply to anyone, regardless of industry.

Building a thriving business takes a lot of hard work, a lot of strategy, a lot of planning, and a little luck, of course. But, entrepreneurs that are able to build the below skills and traits will find a clearer path to success.

Here are some tips for building a successful business.

Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset

To lead a successful business, you need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This will be important for you to carry throughout your journey, not just during the start-up stages.

There are many components to an entrepreneurial mindset, including being solutions-oriented, adaptable, flexible, and unbreakable. You must be willing to take chances, grounded in research and facts. You must not be afraid to fail, as not everything you try will work perfectly the first time.

Developing this mindset will help you spark innovation and overcome challenges within your organization so you can solve problems for people outside of it.

Master the Art of Negotiation

Entrepreneurs are constantly negotiating. Whether it be trying to land a new customer, getting the best price from a vendor for raw materials, or even trying to motivate your teams to work the way you want them to, negotiation is an integral part of all aspects of business.

To be a good negotiator, you must master all its elements. You need to be empathetic to those with whom you are negotiating so you can understand their position and what makes them tick. You must have a plan in mind for how to convey your point of view. And you must be willing to walk away if the deal is no good for your business.

These aspects of negotiation can also be used when motivating employees. All of this speaks to the fact that you need to earn others’ trust so you can convince them to do what you want them to do.

Be Focused

Building a successful and sustainable business takes time, and it will always be a work in progress. That’s why entrepreneurs need to stay disciplined and remain laser-focused on the goal at hand.

Even during the toughest of times, you must “keep your eye on the prize,” as the saying goes. Don’t get discouraged if things aren’t working out the way you want them to. Instead, get motivated to look at the challenge from a different angle — staying focused on your ultimate goal the entire time.

Stay Consistent

One common element of successful businesses is they are consistent, according to Scott Crockett, Everest Business Funding CEO. Whether it’s in the products and services they offer, the quality of your customer service/experience, or the way you manage your employees, consistency is key.

People want to feel confident in what they’re getting with a business, and that includes customers, partners, vendors, and even employees. By staying consistent in all aspects of running your business, you’ll have a better chance of being more successful.

About Scott Crockett

Scott Crockett is the founder and CEO of Everest Business Funding. He is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in the finance industry. Mr. Crockett’s track record includes raising more than $250 million in capital and creating thousands of jobs. Scott has founded, built, and managed several finance companies in the consumer and commercial finance sectors.